Name: Mrs. Joyce J. Buford

Date: October 13, 1946 - June 6, 2024


City of birth: Oklahoma City, OK

Mother: Mable Buford

Father: Ed Buford

Daughters: Jacquelyn Williams

Sons: Melvin Buford

Sisters: Orlee Richmond (Deceased), Juanita Robinson

Brothers: Charles Buford (Deaceased)

Education: Dunjee High School

Occupation: Housekeeping/O.U Medical Center

Visitations: 2:30pm-7pm Thursday, June 20, 2024

Cemetery: Private Service

Services: Holy Temple Church of God In Christ 11817 NE 50th St. Spencer, OK 73084

Services date and time: 1pm Friday, June 21, 2024






(2024-06-17 9:01am) Marshade Holmes wrote:
I will truly miss you. Love you forever!!!

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