Name: Mr. Richard Ray Woodard

Date: May 12, 1940 - June 11, 2024


City of birth: Hobart, OK

Mother: Willie Mae Hicks-Woodard

Father: Arthur Woodard

Spouse: Sharon Woodard

Daughters: Lakisha Woodard

Sons: Lonnie Norris

Sisters: Betty Patterson (Deceased), Sandra Kay Norris, Yvonne Herbert (Deceased)

Brothers: Arthur Roy Woodard, Joe Henry Woodard, Clifford Woodard, Nathaniel Woodard

Education: Hobart High School

Occupation: Retired Iron Worker

Visitations: 2:30pm-7pm Thursday, June 20, 2024

Cemetery: Fort Sill National Cemetery, Elgin, OK 73538

Services: South Walker Church of Christ 5217 South Walker Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Services date and time: 10am Friday, June 21, 2024






(2024-06-13 9:59am) Ashley Cooks wrote:
Mrs. Woodard I am so sorry for your loss! Your husband was always so kind! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

(2024-06-14 9:19pm) Annie Woodard wrote:
Sharon, much love to you and yours. I was saddened hearing of Dickey Ray’s passing. I liked him the first time we meant. Yes he talked about me, teased me all the time, because I was so quiet, but always with that smile and twinkle in his eyes. He started calling me Aunt Annie, before I married his brother, but he did it with that smile and the twinkle in his eyes. Didn’t know how creative he was, and a great family man until you guys got married, because he was always the jokester, and that’s the way I will remember him. Kay my heart goes out to you. Love and Blessings 🙏🏽❤️

(2024-06-17 8:49pm) Leslie Smith wrote:
Gone but never forgotten. Love you Uncle

(2024-06-19 12:32pm) Carla Brooks wrote:
Love you cousin, Carla

(2024-06-25 6:15pm) Natalie Woodard wrote:
With a heavy heart. Rest in Peace, Uncle Dickey Ray. Love you.

(2024-06-28 5:10pm) Natalie Woodard wrote:
With a heavy heart. Rest in Peace, Uncle Dickey Ray. Love you.

(2024-06-30 8:44pm) Natalie Woodard wrote:
With a heavy heart. Rest in Peace, Uncle Dickey Ray. Love you.

(2024-07-01 3:17pm) Natalie Woodard wrote:
With a heavy heart. Rest in Peace, Uncle Dickey Ray. Love you.

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