Name: Mrs. Melva Cooks-Reece

Date: July 17, 1953 - April 25, 2024


City of birth: Brooksville, OK

Mother: Jessie Lee Cooks

Father: Arthur Cooks

Spouse: Darnell Reece

Cemetery: Brooksville Cemetery Brooksville, Oklahoma

Services: Brooksville Cemetery Brooksville, Oklahoma

Services date and time: 12pm Monday, June 3, 2024






(2024-05-11 12:14pm) Edwards Family wrote:
Our condolences to the family. Praying for the family

(2024-05-11 2:46pm) Charwynne Evans Sanders wrote:
My deepest sympathy.

(2024-05-15 2:04pm) Pat Allen-Cephus wrote:
Momma Melba, you are truly missed. I love you... RIH/RIP💔

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