Name: Mrs. Patricia Patterson

Date: November 17, 1939 - March 7, 2023


City of birth: Idabel, OK

Mother: Cecil Zee Maupin

Services: Corpus Christi Catholic Church, 1616 N. Kelley Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Services date and time: 11am Saturday, April 1, 2023






(2023-03-14 12:22pm) DeJon Hill wrote:
Stephanie my condolences on the loss of your sweet, sweet mother.

(2023-03-14 2:56pm) LuAnn Watkins wrote:
Stephanie, I'm so sorry your mom passed away. I remember your special bond with your mom, was just as loving as the relationship I had with my mom. Praying 🙏 for you and your family during these difficult days, weeks, months and years ahead.

(2023-03-15 9:28pm) Joyce wrote:
Stephanie, you have my condolences in the loss of your mother. Granny Ree’s cousin

(2023-03-18 5:09pm) Janise King wrote:
God knows your heartache and shares your grief.

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