Name: Mrs. Laverne J. Johnson

Date: February 21, 1941 - November 26, 2022


City of birth: Shawnee, OK

Mother: Eleanor Cannon

Father: Tarzan M. Cannon

Daughters: Maria Annise Johnson (Deceased)

Sisters: Trazetta Harbin, Dolores Young (Deceased), Francis Cannon (Deceased), Thelma Cannon, Lisa Cannon-Stewart

Occupation: Medical Services

Services: Evangelistic Baptist Church of Christ, 3129 N. Martin Luther King Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Services date and time: 11am Saturday, December 10, 2022






(2022-11-29 11:42am) Sheryl Hutton wrote:
My deepest sympathy. From the Women #1 Sunday School Class, Evangelistic Baptist Church of. Christ

(2022-11-29 3:19pm) Twila Ann Ford wrote:
You are in my prayers.

(2022-11-29 4:31pm) Twila Ann Ford wrote:
God bless you and your family richly.

(2022-11-29 4:31pm) Patricia Ann Lawrence Reeves wrote:
I did not know, but knew your father. So, I know you were awesome and will be missed!

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