Name: Mr. Allen William Price

Date: August 1, 1939 - October 24, 2022


City of birth: Omaha, TX

Mother: Etoise Freeman

Father: Allen William Price, Sr.

Brothers: John Wesley Flenoid

Education: Douglass High School (Oklahoma City) / Oklahoma State University

Occupation: Administer with the Social Security Administation

Special notations: Allen William Price, Jr. was born August 1, 1939 in Omaha, TX to Allen William Price, Sr and Etoise Freeman. Both of his parents proceeded him in death. Etoise, his mother, married Rafe Flenoid of Luther, Oklahoma in 1943. The family later moved to Oklahoma City. Allen went by the initials A.W. and the family fondly called him “Bubba.” He attended Edwards Elementary and secondary school in Oklahoma City. He played trombone in the band at Douglass Junior and Senior High School. He was very popular was selected Student Body President of Douglass; President of his homeroom class, and 2nd Vice President of his senior class. He attended the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma in the fall of 1957 and transferred to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma the following fall in 1958. He completed his college education in Missouri. As a child, A.W. attended St. John Baptist church, with Rafe, and sometimes Cleaves Memorial Methodist church with his mother, his brother, and cousins . As he grew older, he worshiped at other churches and found many friends that shared his support of missionary work to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the globe. He attended Christian conventions all over the country for years. A.W. learned to fly at the Compton Airport in Compton, California at an early age. He enjoyed extreme sports including river rafting and skydiving. A.W. loved to travel. He had the opportunity to travel to many foreign countries spanning 3 continents. A.W. loved to learn and could be found in the local library of any city he lived or visited. He enjoyed movies and eating out in fine restaurants. He worked many years in local and federal government positions. He worked in the Health Department (code compliance division) in Wichita, KS, and the Social Security Administration in Washington, D.C. A.W. leaves to cherish his memory his brother, John W. Flenoid (Estella); cousins Edith Taylor (Gerry), and Gwenette Parker; Nieces Angela Womack (James) and Johnna Flenoid; Six great-nephews, three great nieces, two great-great nieces and one great-great nephew; and many friends and colleagues that will miss him dearly. In lieu of flowers, please donate to in honor of Allen W. Price to support research for Pancreatic Cancer.

Cemetery: Private Services

Services: Private Service






(2022-10-29 3:25pm) Ms. Carolyn Wilson wrote:
Thanks Al for being a very important part of my life. You will always be loved and missed.

(2022-10-29 5:22pm) Larnell F Woods DHS Class Of 1962 wrote:
God knows your heartache and shares your grief.

(2022-10-30 3:42pm) William Price Curtis wrote:
Allen W. Price was a good and decent person. I strongly believe the Universe has embraced Allen enthusiastically and with great pleasure in his new environment.

(2022-10-31 12:50pm) Tina Williams wrote:
I am so sorry to hear of your loss! The family is in my thoughts and prayers.

(2022-10-31 12:52pm) Kimberly N Brown Hawkins wrote:
Mr. Al was my row-mate at SSA. We often worked late nights where our row would be the only light still on in our office. He will be missed. My deepest condolences and prayers are extended to his family and friends.

(2022-10-31 1:11pm) Erik Benford wrote:
Al was a joy to work with and he was always willing to share life advice with those who solicited his opinion. My sympathy and prayers are extended to his family and friends.

(2022-10-31 1:19pm) Lisa Pirone Ansell wrote:
Al always had a kind word and a smile for everyone. He was truly a joy to work with and he will be sorely missed. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

(2022-10-31 3:47pm) Dr. Chris Heidelberg III wrote:
You will sorely be missed Mr. Al. I will miss our talks where you always gave me great lessons on life and an encouraging world when I was going through major life changes and I will pay forward what you gave to me. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in Heaven. I can't believe that you gave me one last report before being elevated. Love you brother.

(2022-11-01 3:36am) Reita J Pierre-Louis wrote:
I am so sorry to hear of his passing. Although we lived in different states, we had interactions through our work at the Social Security Administration. He was always very polite. My deepest condolences to his family and to all who knew and loved him.

(2022-11-01 3:38am) Vanessa Jeffries wrote:
Please accept my deepest condolences in the loss of A.W. Price I will miss receiving calls from you asking a question, by mistake, or just to talk. I will always remember how meticulous you were in preparing documentation for release. I will also remember our laughs and you sharing your adventures with me. Thank you for trusting me. VAJ

(2022-11-01 4:21am) Elder Hubert Nelson Davis II wrote:
Sending prayers of comfort and understand to the family of Mr. Al. Mr. Al was such a loving person and he called me and prayed with me during my mom's illness and death. He was one of the persons to help me during this trying time. At work Mr. Al was always pleasant and helpful. He was one person who was always in a good mood. Heaven has inherited another Angel. May God bless the family, friends, and co-workers who is mourning his passing.

(2022-11-01 4:22am) Vivian Clayton wrote:
I worked with Mr. Al at the Social Security Administration for over sixteen years. Mr. Al was always pleasant and very dedicated to his job. and he will be missed! My prayers are with the family during this time of sadness.

(2022-11-01 6:03am) Brenda Hammond wrote:
To the Family of Al, Al and I worked at SSA together for many years. He was a wonderful person and never minded helping you. I will truly miss him.You are in my thoughts and prayers. Brenda Hammond

(2022-11-01 6:21am) Cassie Barber wrote:
My prayers are with your family. Mr. Al will be missed. We hope to see him again soon. Revelations 21:4

(2022-11-01 6:58am) Moshe Glickman wrote:
I am so deeply sorry for your loss. Mr. Al was a wonderful colleague to work with who taught me so much and was a shining light when I had the pleasure of being in the office with him.

(2022-11-01 7:17am) Karen S Bowen wrote:
Mr. Al was a pleasant and easy-going person. We had great conversation and we worked together for over 20 years. Mr. Al will be missed. My condolence to the family and friends and may God keep you and give you strength during this time. My prayers are with you.

(2022-11-02 10:53am) Valerie Norris wrote:
My condolences and prayers to the family. I was so heart broken to hear that Mr. Al transition but glad that he’s not suffering. I was Al’s supervisor for a while until I recently retired. I loved Mr. Al, he was one of my favorite employees. Mr. Al, used to give me a fit because we had a certain timeframe to get cases done and he would take his time and was not going to be rushed by anyone. He was very meticulous and made sure that everything was done right. One thing for sure, once he finished with the case it was right and it needed no corrections. He knew his job and did it well. We would talk for hours and most of the time he would just listen. He was a great listener, very quiet spoken and a big heart. He was a dedicated OCREO employee. I am going to miss you Al, but will see you again. Rest Well My Friend

(2022-11-02 11:36am) Marthann Perry Palmer DHS '57 wrote:
May God comfort you today. My prayers are with you.

(2022-11-02 9:34pm) Edith Taylor wrote:
We sadly loss one of the foursome. We were close cousins that were always together as children. There are so many great memories. We are at a loss.

(2022-11-02 9:41pm) Diana Miller wrote:
Extending my deepest heartfelt sympathy and prayers of comfort to the family and friends of Allen (Al) W. Price, Jr. I worked with Al for a number of years at the Social Security Administration. Al was an easy-going, dedicated and phenomenal colleague. His gentle personality and smiling face as well as his expertise and wealth of knowledge in the EEO field will truly be missed. RIP Al 🙏

(2022-11-03 9:02am) Nita Scotland wrote:
Re: Al Price A friend who shared, a friend who cared, a friend so kind who spoke his mind, a man I loved and respected. He carried the Lord in his heart before he part and I have no doubt he was accepted. I thank God for so many years of a beautiful friendship with Al. My condolences to his dear brother and the entire family of Al Price. May the pleasant memories of Al linger on our hearts and bring comfort to all. Psalms 145: Verse 18 – 19—The Lord is near to all those that call upon him, to all who call on him in truth. He fulfils the desires of those who fear (reverence) him; He hears their cry and saves them. Matthew 5: Verse 4 – Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted. May the peace of the Lord surround Al’s family today and all who mourns the loss of this man that was so special.

(2022-11-15 12:54pm) Valencia N Lewis wrote:
I'm truly sadden to hear of AW's passing after the fact. His Family in Dallas loved him dearly and would've been in attendance had we known. Our prayers are with you. Daisy, Clydia, Valencia

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