Name: Mrs. Jearlyne Goff

Date: September 23, 1930 - March 3, 2022


City of birth: Palestine, TX

Mother: Ollie Mae Bluitt

Father: Nolan Smith

Daughters: Ida Mae Goff, Linda Goff (Deceased), Sharon Knight, Jacqulyne Goldsmith, Ulaha McCloud, Gerdine Goff, Sandra Goff, Joyce Smith (Deceased), Debra Smith

Sons: Robert Goff Jr., James Goff, Kenneth W. Goff,

Occupation: Restaurant Industry

Visitations: 3pm-7pm Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Cemetery: Riverside Gardens Cemetery, 4720 N.E. 36th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73121

Services: Earl M. Temple Memorial Chapel, 2801 N. Kelley Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Services date and time: 2pm Thursday, March 10, 2022






(2022-03-05 3:54pm) Annette Colbert-Black wrote:
God knows your heartache and shares your grief.

(2022-03-07 10:13am) Betty Haslip Jones wrote:
God knows your heartache and shares your grief.

(2022-03-07 8:22pm) SYLVIA ISLAND wrote:
To the family you have my deepest condolences and may God give you comfort and peace at this time. Love you

(2022-03-07 8:24pm) Peggy Renfroe wrote:
You are in my prayers.

(2022-03-08 9:53am) Alice Taylor wrote:
I pray for our family that God gives us love and unity, and peace that surpasses all understanding. In Jesus name.

(2022-03-08 12:22pm) Elizabeth Manous wrote:
God see's, God know's, God hear's and God will comfort and strengthen you all. We are Praying for you all. In the master's service: Life of Christ Ministry Church, Pastor Manous

(2022-03-08 8:13pm) Alfred Liggens wrote:
God bless you and your family richly.

(2022-03-10 7:49am) Shirley Darby wrote:
God bless you and your family richly.

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