Name: Mrs. Yolanda Vallejo Iglesias

Date: November 23, 1947 - November 6, 2020


City of birth: Nueva Rosita, Mexico

Mother: Eloisa Guerrero

Father: Miguel Iglesias Aldape

Spouse: Jose H. Vallejo, Sr.

Daughters: Maria Yolanda Gwin and Maria Delourdez Benton

Sons: Jose H. Vallejo, Jr.

Sisters: Amparo Iglesias (dec), Eloisa Taylor, Mague Sherrill, Dora Iglesias and Sylvia Rico

Brothers: Miguel Iglesias, Juan Antonio Iglesias (dec), Jose Iglesias and Gerardo Iglesias

Occupation: House Keeper

Visitations: 1pm-4pm Sunday, November 15th, 2020






(2020-11-10 8:44am) Sandra "Davis" Wineberry wrote:
May God comfort you today. Praying for the entire family. My classmates Yolanda and Jose

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