Name: Jackson Pledger

Date: February 18, 1959 - September 30, 2017







(2017-10-05 6:54am) Flossie McCoy wrote:
Please accept my sincere sympathy for your loss. May God comfort you today. Matthew 5:4

(2017-10-09 7:40am) Sherlene Burch wrote:
God knows your heartache and shares your grief. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. May you be comforted by Godís promise to wipe tears of grief from all faces. He promises to restore joy to our hearts and gives us hope to receive them again in the resurrection. Isaiah 25:8

(2017-10-09 8:00am) Sherry Weaver wrote:
In your moments of deepest sadness.I am very sorry for your loss. I hope you are comforted by the promise that God made at Rev 21:4 where death will be no more. You are truly in my prayers

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