Lloyd Guy


(2020-11-14 15:21:15) Oscar And Shirley Jackson wrote:
Our thoughts, prayers and heartfelt condolences are with our Guy family members.

(2020-11-16 23:05:49) Paul & Mabel Caldwell wrote:
May your soul rest in perfect peace where there is no pain or sufferring. May God be with the family during this difficult time.

(2020-11-17 05:17:51) Denver And Natalie Caldwell wrote:
Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. His promises of peace and comfort are real. Our prayers are for God’s hand of peace to be on you as you remember and celebrate BB’s life.

(2020-11-17 11:07:24) Gayla Bell wrote:
Sending my condolences to the family .

(2020-11-17 19:13:37) Ransom Family (Fred Sr., Shelley & Fred Jr.) wrote:
Our love, prayer and sympathy to the family and friends of 'BeBe'. He was a great guy and neighbor. Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.

(2020-11-17 21:16:48) Camille Wallace wrote:
Bebe will be greatly missed! Pepper words can't express how I feel right now but please know I'm here if you need me & I'm praying for you & the rest of the family! I love you!

(2020-11-18 07:48:31) William Montgomery wrote:
My condolences to your family you are in my prayers.

(2020-11-18 10:49:14) Lisa Hodges wrote:
You are in my prayers.

(2020-11-20 18:04:40) BRENDA ALEXANDER BUTLER wrote:
Our condolences to the Guy family. May BeBe rest in peace.

(2020-11-20 20:34:08) Reggie & Freda Hall wrote:
Our sincere condolences to the entire Guy Family! "Be Be" will be missed here, but we know he's in the presence of the Lord. Our Prayers and Blessings

(2020-11-23 08:46:54) Nora Caldwell Sneed wrote:
My deepest sympathy and love to the entire Guy Family.