Julius Guy,


(2015-03-03 08:35:02) Laurita Kirksey wrote:
God knows your heartache and shares your grief. You all are in my prayers.

(2015-03-03 11:45:49) Earnest Johnson wrote:
May God comfort you today.

(2015-03-03 13:39:35) Cathy Kirksey wrote:
Mr. Guy will be deeply missed. He was always smiling and his signature saying was, "I'm so glad you got to see me." I will keep the Guy Family lifted up in prayer.

(2015-03-03 14:04:04) Annette Carroll wrote:
My deepest sympathy. You are in my prayers.

(2015-03-03 14:09:22) Doris Dunn wrote:
God bless you and your family richly.

(2015-03-03 16:09:01) Evelyn (McAfee) Anderson wrote:
Dear Guy Family: My prayers are with you and yours. We don't understand the things that God does but we know that He knows best. He said He won't put no more on you than you can bare. He will never leave you nor will he forsake you. I love you, and will continue to pray for you. God bless you. Evelyn McAfee-Anderson

(2015-03-03 17:21:00) Oscar And Shirley Jackson wrote:
Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

(2015-03-03 17:33:53) Dwayne And Vatenyca wrote:
You are in our prayers.

(2015-03-04 13:04:27) Church Of God Through Christ wrote:
God knows your heartache and shares your grief.

(2015-03-04 15:02:04) Flossie Semmions Ridley wrote:
You are in our prayers always.

(2015-03-04 17:04:02) Mark Bolds Family wrote:
Words can not convey the depth of your sorrow, However knowing that there is a loving God that is ever present and who is just a prayer away, who wipes away every tear and in His time heals all broken hearts.

(2015-03-05 11:28:11) FIRST BANK AND TRUST wrote:
My deepest sympathy.

(2015-03-05 11:38:47) Margarita Wilkes wrote:
My deepest sympathy.

(2015-03-05 14:33:26) David Shatswell wrote:
My deepest sympathy.

(2015-03-06 04:56:40) Alan Casey wrote:
Pepper, You and your family are in my prayers. I am looking forward to the celebration today of your Dad's life. May God keep his hand on you and bring you comfort.

(2015-03-06 19:07:48) Deacon Robert & Betty Watson wrote:
My deepest sympathy.